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 Design concept between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors

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PostSubject: Design concept between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors   Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:42 pm

People demand more and more for underwear in the majority of female consumers’ minds.
留学生论文代写 Instead of meet the physical needs, underwear’s function are more inclined to shaping the women beautiful curve, reflecting women’s self-confidence and showing self-charm. Triumph’s underwear designed for 16 to 58-years-old women, the company’s consumer groups mainly include moderator, assignment代写 entrepreneurs, corporate white-collar workers who engaged in the fashion industry, the majority of women who love the dress culture with stable income groups. In addition,
澳洲代写 Triumph’s product involves many kinds of type such as ordinary types, sports, classical types, functional types and so on. Triumph’s marketing network cover more than 120 countries, which bring care and concern to every woman in the world around.
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Design concept between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors
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