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 Executive summary

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PostSubject: Executive summary   Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:45 am

This report is to develop a comprehensive market diversification proposal for the compact and small car market in China. Furthermore, this report is to facilitate Holden’s management to make decision when Holden want to enter into Chinese small cars market. essay代写Through the analysing the Chinese auto industry, there are some characteristics existing in Chinese market.
• It is in the earlier stage of Product Life Cycle, so the market volume increasing rate is big and there are not too many cars manufactures involved in this target market.
• The Chinese government welcome foreign capital to invest in cars industry. 澳洲代写
• The numbers of middle-class increase fast which is the main clients of compact cars.
• The Chinese government invest amounts of money and resources on infrastructure construction especially during rural areas which is hugely potential market for cars and Chinese clients would like to purchase small cars and compact cars. assignment代写
From the essay, the recommendation for Holden include following points.
• To fulfil the mission , Holden should divide the whole complicated mission into three stages
• Through analysing host country factors, home country factors, industry factors and operation-related factors, Holden should choose the entry mode of jointly venture in long term.
• Holden should cooperate with high level of government because the higher level of government 澳洲代写作业
• The location of Holden’s factory should locate in Special Economic Zone.

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Executive summary
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