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 The analysis between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors

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PostSubject: The analysis between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors   Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:57 pm

Triumph was founded in Germany in 1886, now it has become one of the world's most international lingerie businesses. Triumph has always been adhering to the innovative ideas in the history of 125 years. assignment代写 Triumph enterprise has four brands include Sloggi, VALISERE, triumph, HOM. Triumph developed and designed a number of underwear products to provide consumers with quality, comfort, fashion, innovation. Calvin Klein was founded in American in 1968. 留学生论文代写 The company owns three major brands including Calvin Klein (senior fashion), CK Calvin Klein (senior clothing), and Calvin Klein Jeans. In addition, Calvin Klein company also business casual wear, socks, underwear, lingerie, swimwear, perfume, glasses, and furniture supplies (Goodison, 2012). market代写Triumph and CK’s products or services are similar to Victoria’s Secret, moreover, the target customer of these three companies are also very similar. Thus, it shows that the three companies have a substitute competition relationship, so the competition is very fierce.

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The analysis between Victoria’s Secret and its competitors
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