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 PESTLE analysis--Political factors

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PostSubject: PESTLE analysis--Political factors   Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:26 am

Chinese governmentís attitude towards vehicle industry is supportive and ambitious, especially for green vehicles with low emission.
essay代写 However, without enough efficient measures taken, there exists scarcity of its own big brand in Chinese market. In October 1949, Chinese government has been started to establish the Chinese car industry as a main policy to drive the economy. Since 1985, car industry has been specified as a pillar industry according to seventy-five planning. assignment代写The success acquisition of Volvo depended partly on Chinese government in 2010 according to Shengyue Gui, CEO of Jili Company. It gained profits from the government subsidy policy until 2011. So for Holden Barina, the introduction to Chinese market would be challenging. 澳洲代写At the end of 2010, Chinese government started to implement subsidy policy on the purchase of green vehicles. The small-size cars of Holden Barina could be a good choice with lower price and emission.
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PESTLE analysis--Political factors
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