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 Mizuno clubs: MX-200 Irons & MX-300 Irons

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PostSubject: Mizuno clubs: MX-200 Irons & MX-300 Irons   Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:18 am

It is known to all, Mizuno has released several irons. Which one do you like?

The new mizuno mx 200 irons with Y-Tune technology is a leap forward in forgiveness, I Do Better forged irons with the added advantage of an unprecedented flow of grain. Y-Tune technology successfully extends and expands the sweet area of the clubface for forgiveness incredible vigilance mis-hits. Through the use of an external power bar and a redesigned center Y-shaped cavity pad, the MX-200 tuned for unbelievable forgiveness, great piece and I feel fine.

Further improvement of the remission of mx 200 irons for sale is a bit larger clubhead and a super-deep, milled pocket that low and deep center of gravity, and provides a simple d is high. The MX-200 irons with Y-Tune Technology are unmatched in the industry to improve their game missense and forgiveness difficult. Innovative Y-Tune Technology provides a soft area for unsurpassed forgiveness mass.

The new mizuno mx 300 irons Grain Flow Forged irons with Y-TUNE PRO technology is the perfect spec iron player technologies to improve the game. The head of the new MX-300 Specifications more traditional iron appearance with minimal progressive offset - a leader of the compact dimensions of width to reduce the appearance of a pattern of aggressive players.

Contains the entire cavity of the mx 300 irons for sale with the Y-TUNE PRO technology used for better feel and control the ball flight with added forgiveness. The milled pocket cavity is divided (3-7) 12 grams of low weight and high market penetration begins in the evening, while the scoring irons (8 GW), an energy bar design company for the maximum utilization of feelings and a fixed axis of attack command . The MX-300 irons are the perfect weapon for players who want a mix of emotions, forgiveness and ball control.
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Mizuno clubs: MX-200 Irons & MX-300 Irons
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