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 Puku Long Golf putter Review

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PostSubject: Puku Long Golf putter Review   Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:41 am

Several players rely on them, and several would never hint one. The recent years saw an increase in the use of mid-length putters, also known as "belly" putters with the tendency connected with golfers to anchor no more the length around the navel. Mid-length putters contain the benefits of a lengthy putter, generally taking the wrists out of the adding stroke Callaway X Hot irons, even though providing for a more traditional foot position and stroke.

An interesting completely new twist on the belly putter idea derives from New Zealand's Puku Playing golf Company Callaway X Hot Driver. Puku ( space ) which is Maori pertaining to belly ( space ) makes mid-length putters by having an innovative design that allows players to adjust the size of the club. We had the chance try one out, as well as here's our gut sensation about it.


The standard period of a golf putter is Thirty-four or 27 inches. Puku's three models are generally 36 inches or Forty five inches or perhaps 45 inches you get the image. The unique adjustable grip percentage of Puku putters allows you to set the length of the actual putter which range from 36" and 50".

The particular adjustments are typically made with an effective T-shaped tool Puku ships with each putter. Fitting yourself to the ideal time-span is a simple case of trial and error. Very first, you use the tool to discover the grip. Afterward you telescope the grip larger or reduced until you get a comfortable situation, and you utilize the tool to help lock the grip back in place. In case you roll a couple of practice putts also it doesn't feel right, try it again. The grip glides smoothly down and up the putter shaft if it's unlocked, in addition to stays snugly in place only when it's locked. It took me only a few minutes plus a dozen practice putts to find i was preferred at just under 41".

You can make adjustments to your Puku by inserting a special tool directly into this secure, telescoping your shaft with or away, then securing the grip directly into place.

Including other flexible clubs, the particular Puku putters conform to USGA along with R rules (unless you change them after a round, that is a no-no). Be sure to perform your fiddling and altering on the training green.

Other than being adjustible, this Puku grip can also be dramatically unique. It has a reverse taper -- instead of being thickest at the rear end end and achieving thinner when it comes to the clubhead, the opposite takes place. The Puku hold is relatively slender at the butt end, then gets very much thicker to the clubhead. Puku intends that to be more ergonomic, also it does appear to help keep both your hands more peaceful during the placing stroke. This black smooth rubber traction also has orange notches on the sides. You're encouraged to utilize a black gun to cover the yellow notches where you are preferred gripping your club remember of your excellent grip. A nice touch.

This Puku grip incorporates a reverse taper: thin at the top and thick at the bottom.

The actual shaft is really a thick, Correct Temper concurrent model which is quite inflexible and heavy. The actual clubhead can be cast coming from 303 stainless steel which has a face which is double-milled to ensure flatness. Every one of the three versions in the Puku brand - the particular FIO, the LCY, as well as the JME - tend to be oversized heel-toe-weighted mower blades with streamlined curved hosels. The putter heads weigh some sort of hefty 420g every single, compared with this 320-340g weight an ordinary length putter is likely to have. Each and every putter incorporates a curved "rocker"-style sole with the Puku brand in elevated, polished words to serve like a design aid and to profit the putter glide through the fringe or fairway turf if you golf putt from away from the green.


Your Puku putters aren't particularly a Bullseye, a great 8802, or an Anser. A few models will not pretend to be anything aside from contemporary, with lots of rounded sides and swooping aspects. They look fairly space age group, like maybe something from an episode from the Jetsons - which is not a bad issue. I'd summarize the putters because having a friendly look to these people. But if you are traditionalist, you probably won't decide to use them. (Naturally, if you're a traditionalist you may be thinking that anchoring the actual putter for your body must be against the policies; talk between yourselves.)

The electroplated putter heads of the Puku putters can also be quite minimalist compared with lots of today's busy-looking alignment putters. The FIO as well as JME models each have a single small dot on the topline for trying, while the LCY design has a african american sightline. The JME product I tested also has some sort of black collection that operates along the prime line multiple to the innovative of the golf putter. This delicate touch taught me to be confidently square the club at deal with.

The rounded hosel is also extremely distinct, as well as works well with the look on the clubheads. You can't see any of the hosel on address, with thanks to the curved layout and the shaft-over-hosel interconnection. Each type in the Puku lines are face-balanced, which is great for players along with square-to-square putting swings.

Each Puku club comes with a zippered headcover made of black velour with all the Puku logo within yellow sewing, along with the T-tool for adjusting your putter's length plus a very long ball-mark repair tool. Puku also ships some sort of four-page guide to abdominal putting with each putter. They have brief pieces on how to use a belly putter, from changing the grip to be able to styles of side grips - common, left-hand low, divide, or "Claw" - you can try applying with the reverse-taper grip on the Puku golf putter Ping G25 Driver. The information has instructional photos and is clearly composed. If you've in no way tried any belly club before, this is the very helpful section of the Puku package and a thoughtful addition.

A single look dot plus a black collection on this JME type are that you will have to with confidence line up ones putts.

Feel in addition to Sound

We tested your JME model and found it to own good sense and noise. Frankly, you aren't going to get a huge amount of feel from your putter that heavy none with this stiff a canal. You do obtain a sense of wherever you've hit each putt, which is a in addition. Sound-wise, the JME style made a high-pitched "tink" appear when hit on the sweet spot, plus a more muted sound with poor get hold of. This reminded me in a very positive means of older Called ping putters I used while i was we were young. The seem wasn't high decibel or rough, but it is totally different from the smoother sounds connected with insert putters.


Once I acquired my Puku JME putter dialed in for length, I locked it down and going to the practice green. I became able to find a snug stance along with stroke fairly quickly - hands and wrists a little bit below with a common putter R1 Fairway Wood, additionally standing a bit taller than usual. But it still took me several 20-minute practice times to get a sense of distance management and to acquire confidence in my stroke. Immediately after decades associated with putting along with standard putters, the idea took a bit to encourage my cortex that there has been another way of moving the steel.
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Puku Long Golf putter Review
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