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 Ping i20 Irons are much more appealing to look at it

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PostSubject: Ping i20 Irons are much more appealing to look at it   Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:40 am

I am waiting to hit some of the other offerings from the 2012 spring release, but as of now, the I20s are on the top of my list. The Ping i20 irons are ideal for a player with a single digit handicap, however, a mid handicap player can also get away with them because of their forgiveness.

From looks, I really I don't like very much the way the ping g20 irons look in fact. To me the i20s are much more appealing to look at it. Players who care about the appearance of a club will enjoy the sleek appearance with a thinner top line and sole. In my opinion, the only way you get a better looking set of irons is a blade. These multi-material irons utilize tungsten weights in the toe for better forgiveness on off-center shots and a “Custom Tuning Port” in the sole to help optimize launch conditions at impact.

You can really feel the club as you can swing, being able to feel the clubhead throughout the swing really helped me hit every spot throughout. Ping i20 irons display the same head information, sole thicknesses, lofts and canal lengths as PING G15 Irons, together with several new features which aid feel, forgiveness and also distance. I could easily control my backswing, transition, and follow-through. At impact, this club is exceptionally easy to square. The ball just jumps off the face and has an impeccable ballflight.

The headshape is still relatively the same, but the new finish is more of a lighter finish, and makes the ping i20 irons best price look a lot sharper and new. This is the same finish as the S-Series of irons have had, so I really like it. Ping designers, for example, strengthened the "CustomTuningPort" (CTP) in the rear hole. The reinforced CTP combines with an elastomer badge to scale back face vibration and also dampen shock. The actual payoff should be more playable misses, a higher ball flight along with slightly more carry with the long irons.

Distance control and a solid feel come from a thicker hitting area and stabilizing bars in the cavity and a low moment of inertia about the shaft axis gives golfers the ability to shape shots with confidence. The distance of these cheap golf clubs was pretty routine, in my opinion – nothing spectacular. But a contributing factor here may be that Ping has pretty standard lie angle, length and lofts on their irons.
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Ping i20 Irons are much more appealing to look at it
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