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 How many seasons came out on dvd of these tv shows?

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PostSubject: How many seasons came out on dvd of these tv shows?   Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:15 am

How many seasons came out on dvd of these tv shows?See more on discount dvd:
Comedy show The Office Dvd new release has 9 series but 8 dvds now;Cop show Homeland Dvd new release has totally two seasons on dvd;Balck humor show Sons of Anarchy Dvd new release run for five seasons now;Vampire show True Blood Dvd new release 1-5 will also renewed for sixth season in 2013;Crime show Criminal Minds Dvd new release shows us eight series now;Magic power show Doctor Who series 7 Dvd new release has seven series no doubt.
The Office dvds collection 1-8 is my all time favorite TV show. The season finale of The Office mirrors the woes of the writers and producers of the show at this point. Faced with the enormous task of finding a replacement for Steve Carell is as tough, if not more, as replacing the bumbling and entertaining Michael Scott, Regional Manager of the Scranton branch. But there are also someone thinl it is annoying. They don’t like Steve Carell's character.Although there are diferent saying we also see the office is a great sitcom.Which episode do you like best in True Blood Dvd new release? I like sunset:As I’ve suspected all along, Lilith’s blood is like bath salts for vampires. A few swigs of it and you start hearing voices and become infatuated with grandiose ideas of being “the chosen one,” both of which can lead you to irrational and violent behavior. Although Bill didn’t exactly eat anyone’s face off, he insisted that Jessica make Jason a vampire, killed Kibwe for daring to say that Lilith chose him and then brutally knocked Jessica around for daring to defy his orders. I wish I could glamor away.I wish I can continue to wacthing season six if the show is not boring in the next season.
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How many seasons came out on dvd of these tv shows?
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