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 I prefer Mizuno MX-300 Irons to cheap JPX 800 Irons

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PostSubject: I prefer Mizuno MX-300 Irons to cheap JPX 800 Irons   Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:18 am

When you take an iron that offers superior feel, cutting edge performance and has forgiveness thrown into the mix, what you end up with is a special “blend” and that is what we believe Mizuno has on their hands with the Mizuno MX 300 Irons. These clubs lean closer to the better player market but retain enough of their MX DNA to remain eminently playable.

I have played Ping irons for many years and really thought I would replace my old Pings with the new cheap Ping g20 irons and upon hitting those clubs with these MX 300's, my mind was quickly changed. This is a superior looking club with much better playability, at least for me. With address dimensions falling squarely between the MP-52 and MX-200, and offset closer to MP characteristics , the new MX-300 offers a more solid feel and greater workability than any other iron in the MX line.

They look great are very balanced and gave me another ten or more metres on my old clubs. I hit the irons very straight and felt positive over the ball.I have only used them once and cant wait to use them again. The feel that they give off is perhaps the best we have felt in any “blend” set we have covered. Soft and buttery at impact with solid feedback for those looking to work on their game.

I prefer MX 300's feel over cheap JPX 800 Irons . JPX seemed a bit bulkier with thicker top line and different cavity. The MX-300s are just better clubs when managing the course. The game improvement side shows its head when you miss them on both the toe and the heel. Using less offset in these irons is apparent right at your first address of the ball and if you dread the “straight ball” and like to move the ball flight around, this set offers that with no issues whatsoever.

These are definitely on the smaller end of the game improvement iron category. It requires more concentration than the FTs. Non center strikes leave a harsh sting to the hands. Center hits feel like I didn't hit anything at all, making me want to hit the sweet spot over and over again. I now hit the ball higher and tend to draw cheap golf clubs for sale a bit versus straight. I did lose some distance - approximately 10 yards. This may be due to the cobras having regular steel stafts and the mizuno's having stiff.
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I prefer Mizuno MX-300 Irons to cheap JPX 800 Irons
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