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 Callaway Razr Fit driver is Callaway's first adjustable driver

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PostSubject: Callaway Razr Fit driver is Callaway's first adjustable driver   Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:15 pm

I'm young and pretty inexperienced at golf. While the callaway razr fit driver, I can perform well. There is no replacement for good swing mechanics but even if yours are less than perfect I think you will see an improvement over most of the drivers that are out there today.

I played ping i20 irons best price to start the season and was not very consistant. I recieved the new RAZR fit as a present and love it. I have a wicked slice and the adaptability of this club to your game makes it prefect for me. The RAZR Fit won't let you slice or hook the ball. I mostly hit it straight, but I do have the occasional mishit which results in a slight draw or fade. I matched the head with a Mitsubishi Ahina and can't be happier. I've adjusted the club slightly and my slice has reduced itself. I still have another adjustment I can make to reduce it even more.

I've set the face to neutral and the weights to draw. This club is the straightest I've hit so far. It's better than the FT-9, FT-IZ, and the taylormade r11s driver, which are previous drivers now in my closet. The set up is nice and the sound is different from previous composite drivers. It's not as muted. The feel of this head is nice too. I know exactly where I hit it on the face. The sound is muted and you do not get that wonderful impact sound even when struck on the sweet spot. The sweet spot happened to be very small and nearer the heel.

The Callaway RAZR Fit driver is Callaway's first adjustable driver. It can be set in open, square or closed. Two weights in the head (12 and 2 grams) can be changed round to help promote either a draw or neutral ball flight. Ball flight a little lower than many other drivers, but runs like a rabbit when it comes down. The swing is effortless and distance is better than I ever could have expected.

This driver has added at least 30 yards to my drive. The OptiFit Hosel allows players to adjust the face angle for improved accuracy and trajectory while the OptiFit Weights can be adjusted to promote either Draw or Neutral ball flights. Golfers can dial in their ideal settings and hit drives like never before with simple adjustability that matters. The cheap golf clubs is very well balanced and feels great. There's something about forged composite in a driver that gives it an explosive feel and ball flight.
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Callaway Razr Fit driver is Callaway's first adjustable driver
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