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 New DVD Release True Blood Sons of Anarchy The Office Doctor Who Homeland Criminal Minds

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PostSubject: New DVD Release True Blood Sons of Anarchy The Office Doctor Who Homeland Criminal Minds    Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:16 am

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True Blood dvd release review: I will caution you: heavy on the sex, homosexuality, violence and just plain weirdness. It's not for everyone. So if that's not your thing, stay far away. Sons of Anarchy dvd release review: We are watching The fifth season of Sons of Anarchy dvd.The storyline is so wonderfull.And we have watched the episodes one and two for season five.Now we want to know if Abel will die in the rest of episodes.Let's wait!! The Office dvd release review: I started watching THE OFFICE just recently. I went to visit my daughter in NC and she had all of the seasons on DVD. I stayed a week with her and we ended up watching every single episode while I was there. I have never laughed so hard in my whole life!!! The Office dvd set review: The Office is the funniest sitcom out there. I love this show. Michael, Kevin, Jim, Pam, Andy, Angela, TOby, Darryl and DWIGHT make this a hilarious show to watch and the uncomfortableness that michael puts you through makes it even funnier. Doctor Who dvd release review: Someone thougt it is not a great show but id you try to wach from season 5 you will find the doctor played good.I was hooked when I began to watch the first episode,highly recommended. glee dvd review: The writing is rock solid and always true and respectful to character. The singing and musical numbers are - and I can't believe I'm saying this - often breathtaking. There's love and smart choices everywhere in the production. It will rock you. Homeland dvd release review: Wow, I think. It's won an Emmy AND a Golden Globe for best drama series, during it's FIRST season! So, I think--this show is a MUST see.Ypu will find the highlight spot! Criminal Minds dvd release review: Criminal minds and Damages are the two top shows on my list. I started watching Criminal Minds when I learned Shemar Moore, formerly on Y&R, would be part of the cast. What hooked me is how similar Matthew Gray Gubler's character is to that of my own nephew. I miss Mandel Patinkin's stoic-father character, but I enjoy the mystique that surrounds Joe Mantegna's character. I figure at some point Patinkin will return since he wasn't killed off the show. The season finale was quite suspenseful with Thomas Gibson supposedly being shot. I am looking forward to next season.
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New DVD Release True Blood Sons of Anarchy The Office Doctor Who Homeland Criminal Minds
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