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 Forgiving Titleist AP1 710 Irons reivew

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PostSubject: Forgiving Titleist AP1 710 Irons reivew   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:40 am

After hiting ap1 710 for sale for some time. I saw unbelievable results, high ball flight, perfect ball trajectory, straight ball flight, consistant ball carry distance with all Irons 4 Thru GW. I have observed a much straighter ball flight and the alignment is so easy.

My distances have improved greatly from the cheap x-22 irons I was playing early last year. I was trying some new ones to me so I found the Titleist AP1 710 Irons. I'm pushing 60 and am able to thump a 6 iron 175-180yds. The trajectory for me is high and soft but not overly so. Shots come off the face fast. It is very easy to work the ball right to left, left to right, and also to flight the ball low or high. Off center hits still get the distance, and the feedback you get from the feel is great.

The AP1 heads feel heavy, which is good for me to slow down and hit solid, letting the cheap golf clubs swing instead of trying to power it thru the shot. It's surprising how high I can hit the 4-Iron. Some toe hits go the same distance as in the center, something the CG Golds never could. Nice to find my ball still reached the green. I was straighter than the JPX Pros and much more consistent. My poor shots were not punished as badly as with the JPX Pros and my good shots were shorter than the good shots with the JPX Pros.

I hit the Burner 2.0 for sale, R9's, Cobra S3 and Razrs. The Titleist AP1 710 Irons felt very solid and have a very reassuring look at address. They are a little big, but very forgiving especially on toe hits. The ball gets up real quick, especially with the lower irons (7-pw). These irons are aimed at the mid-handicap player and do exactly what the marketing says. They hit the ball straight and are forgiving, if you are not ready for blades, these are the clubs.

The added forgiveness in the AP1 irons(http://www.cheapgolfcenter.com/Discount-Titleist-AP1-710-Irons-962.html) has given me the confidence to swing that bit harder and any loss of distance is negligible. Bearing my handicap in mind; moving the ball right to left and left to right is not as important to me as hitting the ball straight, however having said that I did notice on the range that I could move the ball both ways, not much, but this is more likely my ability than any shortcoming in the clubs.
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Forgiving Titleist AP1 710 Irons reivew
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