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 The Big Review - Scotty cameron Newport 2 putter

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PostSubject: The Big Review - Scotty cameron Newport 2 putter   Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:22 am

For quite a while, Scotty Cameron fans have been longing for a putter that was reminiscent of the original Studio Stainless line. The Scotty cameron Newport 2 putter is one of twelve 2012 models featuring a new Deep Milled face and Tour-validated Black Mist finish.

The Newport 2 is a crisp, modern blade with a high toe profile. The 2012 Select model has a black-on-black milled sightline and a plumbing neck providing a full shaft offset. Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, the 2012 Select range takes "visual flow" to a new level. The surfaces on the putter head have been designed to flow naturally into the ground, instilling confidence at address.

Most Titleist California putters heads are only weighted for 35-inch shafts and therefore, are much too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy for longer lengths. The Studio Select will be made from 303 stainless steel and feature three prominent red dots in the cavity and face which are very popular on Cameronís Tour putters including one belonging to a Mr. Eldrich "Tiger" Woods.

In addition, the california del mar putter will also be offered in two head shapes, Newport and Newport 2 as well as three different neck styles including plumbers, short flair, and the mid slant neck many golfers have missed. The faces of the Select putters, like those of the recently updated California series, are now more deeply milled, creating circular ridges that Cameron says soften feel and produce a lower-pitched sound at impact.

Not only can golfers pick a california del mar putter that suits their eye, but they now have a tremendous amount of control over the amount of toe hang on the putter. So a putter can now fit your stroke as well as your eye.
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The Big Review - Scotty cameron Newport 2 putter
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