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 Mizuno MX-300 Irons are Very Workable

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PostSubject: Mizuno MX-300 Irons are Very Workable   Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:00 am

I like the distance and forgiveness of the Callaways but I always felt they were lacking in accuracy and consistency. I found a deal on the Cheap Golf Clubs with stock graphite shafts. These are definitely on the smaller end of the game improvement iron category. It requires more concentration than the FTs. Non center strikes leave a harsh sting to the hands. Center hits feel like I didn't hit anything at all, making me want to hit the sweet spot over and over again.

Slightly smaller than the mx 200 irons for sale and moderately less appealing aesthetically, with their grey highlighting (as opposed to the usual blue). However, if it is performance you are after they are difficult to fault. The feel on contact is excellent and after trying them I became hooked. Comparing them to other forged irons in the same price bracket (Nike VR Forged, Cobra S2) the forging seems superior.

I like the less offset which will help my golf swing in the long run. Being forged carbon steel, distance is half a club to a club shorter. The loss in distance is made up in accuracy and distance control. Approach shots are closer to the hole. I was worried when the jpx 800 irons for sale just came out, but I was the first to hit them at the Brea store and still glad I went with the Mx-300's (good value now). JPX seemed a bit bulkier with thicker top line and different cavity. I prefer MX 300's feel over 800 pro's.

The full cavity utilized in the mizuno mx 300 irons contains the reconfigured Y-TUNE PRO technology for enhanced feel and ball flight control, with added forgiveness. I now hit the ball higher and tend to draw them a bit versus straight. I did lose some distance - approximately 10 yards. This may be due to the cobras having regular steel stafts and the mizuno's having stiff. However, keep in mind that the MX 300 is not for the hacker. You have to play or practice regularly for the full benefit of this beautiful iron.
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Mizuno MX-300 Irons are Very Workable
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