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 Buy DVD-----Doctor Who Criminal Minds The Office Homeland True Blood

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PostSubject: Buy DVD-----Doctor Who Criminal Minds The Office Homeland True Blood    Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:25 am

Share your reviews on dramas:dvd collection
Doctor Who for dvd review: Doctor Who Season 6 brings everything to the table a Who-fan would come to expect; you've got very interesting episodes all featuring a new story, intertwined by an underlying story that climaxes as the series progresses. Many questions are answered and, of course, even more questions are raised.
Criminal Minds for dvd review: Criminal minds and Damages are the two top shows on my list. I started watching Criminal Minds when I learned Shemar Moore, formerly on Y&R, would be part of the cast. What hooked me is how similar Matthew Gray Gubler's character is to that of my own nephew. I miss Mandel Patinkin's stoic-father character, but I enjoy the mystique that surrounds Joe Mantegna's character. I figure at some point Patinkin will return since he wasn't killed off the show. The season finale was quite suspenseful with Thomas Gibson supposedly being shot. I am looking forward to next season.
The Office for dvd review: The show really grows on you. DO NOT compare this to the British version! They look the same on the surface, but the shows are totally differnet. Homeland for dvd review: From my analysis the show is a decent premise with bad acting & not altogether the best casting and writing, but it does do well in managing to flesh out and use to their advantage American post 9/11 paranoia. True Blood for dvd review: True blood is so great.I was instantly hooked from episode one. Anna Paquin as Sookie is sensational, Stephen Moyer as Vampire bill is totally hot. Their scenes together sizzle with chemistry. The whole cast is great. I've watched most of the other TV vampire shows and this one beats them all with intrigue, dark humor and sexy romance.
Cold Case dvd review: Cold Case is one of the most brilliant dramas to come alone in a long time. It challenges the intellect and touches the heart. The dialogue and chemistry is sparkling, and the musical trips to the past are a wonderful addition.
How I Met Your Mother dvd review: This season will give you insight. The show grows up a little with this season. There are many twists and turns, and it has been my absolute favorite season of the show. The show was starting to get dull with the same outcome, until mid season 6, and season 7 continues the greatness. It is fresh and taking a direction that is needed to keep the show going for another season or two.

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Buy DVD-----Doctor Who Criminal Minds The Office Homeland True Blood
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