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 Unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons

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PostSubject: Unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons   Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:49 am

Mizuno is known in the golf industry as the makers of some of the best irons in the business. Their MP line is the Holy Grail for the aspiring player. But for the weekend player, a set of MPs is probably not in the cards. With that in mind, Mizuno released the JPX-800 series: Mizuno JPX 800 Forged Irons, Mizuno JPX 800 Irons,Mizuno JPX 800 Driver after its this year as a statement set into the game improvement market.

The JPX-800 is the first model to bring Mizuno’s Global JPX technology platform to the United States. The unbelievable distance of the cheap mizuno jpx 800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology, Hot Metal? Face construction, and an exotic pocket cavity to hit the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer. The Max-COR construction that makes the JPX-800s lively, also minimizes distance loss from off center hits. If the ball is struck in the hitting area of the face, the ball will get there.

Hot Metal construction utilizes a new manufacturing process that increases the material’s natural strength to create and ultra-thin and multi-thickness face for maximum, consistent ball speed, while the innovative pocket cavity with external power bar design expands and extends the sweet area and lowers the center of gravity for unsurpassed forgiveness.

I will say that the JPX-800 iron is versatile and easy to hit. The JPX-800 are cast, not forged. So they lack that forged feel and feedback that Mizuno irons are known for. About five years ago, I bagged the MX-900 iron set for 1-1/2 years and love that set.

The hot faces of the JPX-800 irons(http://www.buygolfclubsuk.com/buy-Mizuno-JPX-800-Irons-UK-1030.html) make partial and finesse shots with the 8, 9 and PW were hard to dial in. The 8, 9 and PW have a cavity cut. The GW is easier to dial in with partial and finesse shots as wells as chipping and pitching. The GW does not have a cavity cut, and is probably the reason why it’s not as “lively”.

If distance is what you’re looking for in an iron, then the JPX-800s is your set. The 4 and 5 irons really excel off tee shots as driving irons. This really made me wish that the 3 iron was made available for best price golf clubs set. The triple cut sole helps with hitting the irons out of the rough. There was little distance loss from well stuck shots out of the rough. I hit a 5 iron from the rough 175 yards. For me that was awesome.
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Unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons
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