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 Forgiving Titleist AP2 712 Irons Review

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PostSubject: Forgiving Titleist AP2 712 Irons Review   Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:47 am

I find Titleist AP2 712 Irons au a very forgiving and sweet hitting irons set. I previously have played Hogans and Pings. These are far and away better designed to help strike the ball with the same results each time and long. My handicap goes up and down from 8-12. Two weeks after playing these irons it went to a 10 and should drop again this week. Buy these clubs and you wonít be disappointed in the performance and your game will inprove.

I have had my Titleist AP2 712 Irons for about 4 years now and have gone from about a 10 handicap to a scratch golfer with them. Whatever you do, definitely get forged irons. Blades aren't necessary. The other discount golf clubs so far mention Mizuno irons, which are also good. You should definitely demo the irons or get fitted before you make the purchase. I loved the soft feel and forgiveness of the AP2s. I didn't feel the same thing when I hit the Mizunos.

The new AP1 and AP2 irons deliver an industry leading combination of performance, looks and feel. They feature our most advanced multi-material designs which deliver superior distance control through increased moment-of-inertia (MOI) which also provides outstanding solid feel. In addition we have made appearance improvements to both sets. Check out the Titleist AP2's. It's a forged cavity back. It's the best of all worlds, forgiveness and workability. I play the Titleist AP1 712 Irons au as I'm a 12 handicap, but as soon as I drop some of those strokes, I'm going to look hard the AP2's.

They set up similar to my 710 combo set. Although you canít say they are as small, they are pretty close. Very similar blade length, which is the easiest to notice at first. Offset was very close. The AP2′s have roughly the same. According to the specs, the 7 iron has the same offset as the 710 AP2, and .01 mm MORE than the Titleist MB 712 Irons(http://www.onlinegolfaustralia.com/Titleist-MB-712-Irons-92.html). Close, like I said. The new titleist AP2 irons 712, are designed for low handicappers. Titleist has significantly increased the club's moment of inertia (MOI) by re-positioning tungsten weight within the heads.The overall goal was to better apply the different materials used in the design.

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Forgiving Titleist AP2 712 Irons Review
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