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 Ping K15 series golf clubs on sale at UK Golf Clubs

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PostSubject: Ping K15 series golf clubs on sale at UK Golf Clubs   Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:38 am

Let me say one thing right out of the gate; the subjective results for the Ping K15 Fairway Wood caught me totally be surprise. Normally during a testing session I really get a sense for how a tester feels about the club. Usually there are comments along the way that cover just about every survey we cover. With the K15, however; with the exception of those who commented about how long it was, nobody said much of anything. So while I expected distance numbers to be big, I was actually caught off by how much our testers really liked the K15.

The Ping K15 Hybrid golf clubs have been designed to perfectly compliment the K15 irons and offer a direct replacement to the longer irons in the K15 set.

Offering a playable and forgiving alternative to the longer irons the K15 hybrids give golfers the option of enjoying the extra distance and forgiveness of a hybrid while creating a set that allows each club to be used properly for maximum efficiency, improved course management and better scores.

The Ping K15 hybrids share design principles with the award winning Ping G15 Hybrid and feature a patent pending technology that exactly positions the centre of gravity relative to the hosel axis and club face. This makes it even easier for golfers to get the ball into the air while reducing the spin for even more distance. A large internal toe weight provides a high MOI that offers supreme forgiveness on miss-hits.

The Ping K15 hybrid features the TFC 149 graphite shaft the helps to increase clubhead speed for extra distance and superior control, consistency and feel.

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Ping K15 series golf clubs on sale at UK Golf Clubs
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