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 Ping i20 Irons are noticeably longer heel

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PostSubject: Ping i20 Irons are noticeably longer heel   Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:33 pm

We know that the brand Ping was awarded the 'Iron of the Year' award for its highly rated Ping G20 irons, which forms part of the brand's celebrated G family of irons. Begining with the launch of the i20 range before introducing the Anser and ladies' Serene ranges, Ping was named 'Supplier of the Year' for the fifth consecutive year at the recent Foremost Awards Dinner.

Just a few short days after PING announced the Ping G20 Irons, interest immediately shifted over to what the i20s might hold. With nothing more than a low-quality TiVo’d screen capture of a wedge on a desk and lots of hearsay, WRXers speculated on what PING had up their sleeves.

There's a great compromise between playability and forgiveness on Ping i20 Irons. When I mishit, there's a quite "hard" response from the club, but very forgiving without losing too much distance. When you hit in the sweetspot the feeling is great. My only negative comment about the clubs is that the finish is a bit poor.

The most obvious of these changes are the use of the vertical custom tuning port (CTP) and stabilization bars in the cavity; carryovers from PING’s S56s. The stabilization bars help improve feel along with a thicker face in the impact area, while the vertical CTP construction allows for a lower center of gravity and different options for weight positioning.

Another key feature to the design of the i20s is PING’s blended set concept. As was the case with the Ping i15 Irons, the i20s are noticeably longer heel to toe in the long irons, gradually decreasing in size to the wedges. This time around, PING made the top rail thicker in the long irons transitioning toward a thinner topline in the wedges, dramatically increasing the MOI where golfers need it most.

Plus tungsten weighting in the toe, these three features increase the MOI across the horizontal axis by about 3% throughout the set, and between 4% (PW) and 12% (3iron) more vertical axis forgiveness over the i15 irons. Given the greater headweight and smaller size that buy golf clubs uk have compared to drivers, that increase is substantial. Basically, the i20 irons provide golfers a pitching wedge that has almost the same workability as the S56s with a 3 iron that’s even easier to hit than the i15 counterpart.

I hit them very well, very consistent, and with great feel and results, kind of better than the my last Mizuno MP-68 Irons . Really starting to dial them in. The clubs have a high ball flight and provide great green spin. They are easy to work both ways, left and right. Pings are expensive but worth it. Highly recommend these irons. These are recommended for the aspiring weekend warrior, not your beginners. I would say for the 5-15 handicap range. I can also hit a 4 iron effortlessly for the first time in my life as well.
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Ping i20 Irons are noticeably longer heel
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