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 Really a very nice set of irons indeed

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PostSubject: Really a very nice set of irons indeed   Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:26 am

cheap x-24 irons are the latest evolution of our award-winning X-Series Irons, but not discount golf clubs, which have helped make your game to a good level.

Really nice balance on these clubs. If you absolutely have to have distance, go with the graphite shafts. If you want feel and control, however, these cheap x-22 irons ROCK for distance already, and you will find that they feel more consistent tou you as you climb through the set.

In addition these irons are a real challenge to dial in. Go into them knowing that they are going to be MUCH longer. This will mean rethinking things, believe me cheap g15 irons are also very good.

The X-24's look great. The color combination, the shape, and the size all match perfectly and inspire confidence. Even though these fall into the game improvement category, cheap golf clubs they don't appear oversized or bulky. When addressing the ball they really allow a better view of alignment because of the darker tint finish. But their real strength lay in their performance.
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Really a very nice set of irons indeed
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