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 Some abbreviations in British campus

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PostSubject: Some abbreviations in British campus   Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:41 pm

BA(Bachelor of Arts):文学学士
Beng(Bachelor of Engineering):工程学士
BS(Bachelor of Surgery):外科学士 assignment代写
BSc(Bachelor of Science):理学学士
DfEE(Department for Education and Employment):教育与就业部,英国教育与技能部(DfES)的前称
DfES(Department for Education and Skills):英国教育与技能部,即原来的教育与就业部(DfEE)
DfID(Department for International Development):国际发展部澳洲代写
Dip HE Nursing(Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing ):护理学高等教育文凭
Dphil(Doctor of Philosophy):哲学博士
GCE(General Certificate of Education):普通教育证书
GCSE(General Certificate of Secondary Education): 普通中等教育证书
GMAT(General Management Admission Test): 管理专业入学考试
GNVQ(General National Vocational Qualification ):全国通用职业资格
GSVQ(General Scottish Vocational Qualification):苏格兰通用职业资格
GTC(General Teaching Council):教学总会留学生论文代写
GTCS(General Teaching Council Scotland ):苏格兰教学协会
GTTR(Graduate Teacher Training Registry):毕业教师培训注册处

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Some abbreviations in British campus
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