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 Ping Anser Forged Irons represents the very best design and technology

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PostSubject: Ping Anser Forged Irons represents the very best design and technology   Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:58 am

The Ping Anser Forged Irons are an excellent choice for a lower handicap player looking for great feel and playability with a softer feel, good feedback and good workability in a forged iron. These clubs are truely built with quality, you can tell the first time you hold them in your hands they are really well made.

The look is a cross between a classic forged iron with the thin lines and narrow sole and a cast iron with a little thicker top line and a wider sole. I tryed other forged irons from Ping such as Ping Rapture V2 Irons I love and while they are great forged irons they are also harder to hit consistently. The PING Rapture V2 for sale give you a great blend between forged feel and cast forgiveness; these will be in my bag for a long time to come.

The forged, multi-metal design, of the PING Rapture V2 Irons combines an 8620 steel body, a dense tungsten sole, and machined grooves for unequaled forged-iron feel and forgiveness. Its hollow-sole cavity softens feel and positions the CG for higher-launching shots. The progressive set design offers long-iron forgiveness and short-iron control.

The four cavities, toe cavity, heel cavity, CTP (custom tuning port) cavity and the hallow-sole cavity, are milled into the back of the iron. The milling is evident by the milling marks in the toe and heel cavities and are there to create forgiveness and improve MOI. This makes it easier to hit the clubs higher and straighter. The advanced milling guarantees the Anser irons are built to very high tolerances, creating the same exact geometry in each club. This allows PING to control the face thickness, and thickness in the multiple cavities.

The Ping Anser Forged Irons represents the very best of Ping's commitment to design and technology, which does mark a break from Ping's more normal tradition of cheap golf clubs. The minimal offset and thin top line will please better players but the all round playability make the Ping Anser Forged a club to be cherished by all golfers.
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Ping Anser Forged Irons represents the very best design and technology
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