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 One of Christmas promotional items is TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver

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PostSubject: One of Christmas promotional items is TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:16 am

TaylorMade has been leading in Drivers out on tour and in retail shops. The R11s family seems to receive most of the TMag driver buzz, we are looking towards the cheap taylormade drivers to be the 2012 Dark-horse of the year. While surveying a select few top 100 fitters, we found this driver to float to the top slot in late year polling. The ball speeds and dispersion performance are best in breed.

TaylorMadeís latest driver offering features inverted cone technology to help produce maximum ball speed from all across the face and the companyís Flight Control System (FCT) to fine tune ball flight to your desired shot shape. Unlike the taylormade r11 driver best price, the RBZ only has two different adjustments that can be made. It comes with a wrench to make these adjustments. You can go out to the driving range and adjust the loft and lie of the club until it matches your golf swing. The white head stands out and only has the alignment mark, which makes it easier to see.

After much back and forth with Rob (HipCheck), I confirmed my custom specs for the RBZ Tour(http://www.cheapgolfcenter.com/Discount-New-2012-TaylorMade-RocketBallZ-RBZ-Drivers-1224.html). I went with the 9 degree head shafted with the 60x Diamana Ahina, tipped one inch, playing at 44.5″. I also asked if possible, could they throw and extra wrap of tape underneath the new grip, which nicely is absent of any markings so it appears the same no matter which setting you have the FCT adjusted to. When the box arrived, I dug and found that it was built to my specs, with a VERY quick turnaround time once my specs were submitted.

The cheap taylormade RBZ driver feels lighter than the other Taylormade driver, which promotes club-head speed. Once it strikes the golf ball, it acts like a trampoline shooting the golf ball off its face. The launch angle is better than the other TaylorMade drivers I have used. The RBZ did increase my average driving distance by 15 yards.

Once again I will reference my past drivers as the baseline on performance and feel. My gamer before the RBZ cheap golf clubs arrived was a 983e 8.5 degree that I shafted up with a 66xx UST proto shaft. Ball flight felt true to loft, and I was getting pretty good results. Well, I thought I was getting good results. To my ears than the sweet THWACK produced by many of the drivers that have gained legendary status out here in message board land. Iíve owned the legendary J33r, the 9015d, the 905r,the Nike VR tour, the Superdeep, and my most recent gamer, a 983e, all of which have that meaty thud upon impact.
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One of Christmas promotional items is TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver
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