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 How about taylormade r11 rescue clubs?

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PostSubject: How about taylormade r11 rescue clubs?   Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:00 am

I played the taylormade r11 rescue clubs for years and I've been through a ton of hybrids as well,Taylormade went away in the wrong direction for a long time,the only hybrid which I found came near to the rescue mid was the Adams Pro boxer gold but it was limited from the rough.

The wholesale golf clubs--R11 Rescue hybrid offers high performance with bold aesthetics. Its distinctive white crown and black face makes the Rescue one of the easiest hybrids to align at address, while its deep face and lower center of gravity makes it versatile and easy to launch.

Taylormade have 2 distinct camps this year the lightweight burner which is ok but has the worst grip in the world and has a tendency to leak left. The R11 or rescue 11 is the other,it's the shape a hybrid should be,it's nice off the deck and rough,it's lovely off the tee as well,nd the options to adjust the loft 1 degree open or closed and the loft 1 degree strong or weak is a godsend,mines set up stronger and open and has a lovely draw on it.I would recommend this to anyone if you can get over the paintwork.

The head is a good size so you'll have confidence from fairway, tee or rough, without feeling like TaylorMade R11 TP Fairway Wood, or too small like a titleist. Some adjustability with the hyrbid here, means you can play about with the loft to help fit the gap in your irons/woods better, especially nowadays when manufacturers are all over the place with their lofts in their irons.

The only club which has come close to the is the Adams boxer pro gold and for this club to beat that and the rescue mid is some achievement.Well done Taylormade this ones in the bag for a few seasons.

More information in http://www.ukgolftown.com/
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How about taylormade r11 rescue clubs?
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