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 Callaway FT-iZ drivers or Callaway FT-9 drivers is your choice?

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PostSubject: Callaway FT-iZ drivers or Callaway FT-9 drivers is your choice?   Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:05 am

Callaway Golf has always been putting finding more distance and accuracy for golfers as its never-ending mission. its engineers used an entirely new design to produce the FT-iZ driver, revealed at the PGA Merchandise Show.

Scratch players and low-handicappers who play the Callaway FT-9 Driver, and who have the inclination and time to test the FT-iZ in all its i-Mix variations, will no doubt discern what affect the Polar Weighting, Chemically-Milled Hyperbolic cup face and aerodynamic body design have on their drives.

The biggest innovation is Polar Weighting in the head. This means, basically, a heavier face than is typical and a back weight. It helps Callaway FT-iz Driver provide stability, consistency, incredible feel and increased speed (linear acceleration). We did all this by utilizing a heavy face and heavy in-line power source in the rear of the club to localize weight at the front and back of the driver.

"74% of the head’s weight is found at the face and in the back weight port," says Director of Product Design Luke Williams. "Polar weighting will make the head noticeably more stable on off-centre hits, meaning greater distance when you miss the sweetspot. Next up is the ‘Chemically-milled Hyperbolic Face Cup’, made possible by a chemical reduction process that uses acid to remove the brittle alpha case, a by-product of the casting process and on which cracks are likely to propagate.

"This allows us to control the thickness of the face," says Williams, "which, in turn, means we can control the club’s CT (formerly COR) and position very precise weights." A combination of aluminium, steel, carbon-fibre and titanium, allows the weight to be positioned where you need it, makes the club lighter and dampens the sound without the explosive ‘crash’ of an all-titanium driver being lost entirely. The result is an impressively high moment of inertia.

The now seemingly standard ‘progressive’ shape that features a wide face tapering towards a point at the back, making it look almost triangular. With the fairly low-profile face and this tapered design, the Callaway FT-iZ(http://www.australiagolfshop.com/wholesale-Callaway-FT-iz-Driver-891.html) creates 11% less drag than the FT-iQ, another aid to greater distance. The technical features were incorporated to accomplish this goal and help golfers break through their distance barrier.

Chemically Milled Hyperbolic Face Cup: Delivers our most consistently high ball speeds ever by using a chemical reduction process to selectively remove unwanted material for precision thickness control.

Aerodynamic Body Design reduces drag in the downswing for higher impact speeds. The progressive shape produces our most efficient high inertia clubhead ever. For an optimal combination of performance and feel with golf wholesale au. We’ve exploited extreme weight placement by utilizing cast titanium, compression cured carbon fiber, formed aluminum and cast steel.
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Callaway FT-iZ drivers or Callaway FT-9 drivers is your choice?
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