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 Titleist 910H Hybrid review make precise

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PostSubject: Titleist 910H Hybrid review make precise   Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:08 pm

I recently have been keeping the Titleist 910H Hybrid in my bag and it works well to me. As a fitter, teacher, coach, and player it is amazing to be able to adjust so much out of one club and make it work. It is also amazing that not every company would offer this sort of product, one that offers so many adjustment opportunities.

The Titleist 910H Hybrid delivers total performance and versatility with improvements in flight, sound, looks and feel. The 910h(http://www.australiagolfstore.com/titleist-910h-hybrid-for-sale-australia) is a very sharp looking club at address and in the bag. The all black finish hides the size, which appears to be a little bulkier than most of the players hybrids on the market, and significantly larger than the more recent Adams players hybrids that have come to market. Almost a slim, pear shaped profile at address. I personally found the size and the shape to be very appealing.

The new, SureFit Tour, dual-angle hosel technology provides the ability to make precise, independent loft and lie adjustments for a better flight with more control. The most technologically advanced head design delivers outstanding performance and versatility in a wide range of conditions while a sloped, ultra-thin crown design and on-axis rear weight screw create a low and deep center of gravity for increased stability and speed through the turf.

I simply could not miss the center of the club face by the Cheap 910H Hybrid. Shot after shot after shot was hit dead on the screws right where I was aiming. I guess this is what people mean when they say hybrids are easy to hit! Ultra-tight loft, lie and face angle tolerances are twice that of industry standards, creating more visual and mechanical consistency from the fitting to the purchased club. A full profile with a more sqaure-shaped toe aids alignment and is acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feel.

The Titleist 910H Hybrid is built for all golfers, but is highly recommended for the more serious golfer that is highly skilled or is in the process of working on their game often. It is not recommended for the weekend warrior or the golfer that has a higher handicap because it is expensive compared to other hybrids and it is more technologically advanced. This is a golf clubs au for the golfer that understands the different adjustments that need to be made to make it fit their game properly.
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Titleist 910H Hybrid review make precise
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