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 Razr Fit Drivers should beCallaway's first adjustable driver

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PostSubject: Razr Fit Drivers should beCallaway's first adjustable driver   Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:00 pm

The innovative new coloured RAZR Fit marks a new standard in performance customisation. RAZR Fit's straightforward adjustability allows golfers to adjust their club to suit their game and delivers optimum performance and real results for every golf swing.

According to Jamie Glazier, founder of Dare2Dream, and mental game coach to players like Bryden Macpherson and Stacey Keating, colour is a very powerful tool when it comes to mental preparation.

"As a mental game coach to some of Australia's most talented up-and-coming players, I have used colour australia golf online in my work for years," Jamie explains. "Colour is such a practical way to help anchor a player's peak performance state. Using colour also helps players to visualise ball flights and attach to the shot shape they want, helping block out negative thoughts. Much like the PGA Tour's Shot Tracker."

The incorporation of Forged Composite and OptiFit Technology makes Callaway RAZR Fit Driver featuring adjustability the performance leader. The OptiFit Hosel allows players to adjust the face angle for improved accuracy and trajectory while the OptiFit Weights can be adjusted to promote either Draw or Neutral ball flights. Golfers can dial in their ideal settings and hit drives like never before with simple adjustability that matters.

A combination of VFT and Hyperbolic Face Technology creates a large sweet spot and high ball speeds across the titanium face for long, consistent distance as weight can be redistributed to the perimeter of the club head for a high moment of inertia. The Razr Fit Driver(http://www.australiagolfonline.com/discount-Callaway-Razr-Fit-Driver-for-sale-1253.html) come with a 12-gram weight in the toe area and a 2-gram weight in the heel, but using the same torque wrench, the weights can be switched to increase the draw bias of the club.

In addition to being Callaway's first adjustable driver, the RAZR Fit Driver best price are also the first driver to feature Callaway's newest face, which is dubbed "Speed Frame." It's an optimization of the hyperbolic face pattern than Callaway has been using for several years, but the company says it should help golfers maintain more ball speed when they hit outside of the sweet spot.

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Razr Fit Drivers should beCallaway's first adjustable driver
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