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 TaylorMade R9 driver suit players with fast swing speeds

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PostSubject: TaylorMade R9 driver suit players with fast swing speeds   Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:43 pm

The TaylorMade Mens R9 Superdeep Driver is a player's driver that owes much to TaylorMade's rich heritage in the driver market. It has a 460cc head with an ultra-deep clubface, creating a lower moment of inertia and forward center of gravity for increased workability. Ideally suited to better players with strong swing the TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep TP Driver promotes low ball spin for extra distance. Despite the increased height and depth the driver retains the compact look that lower handicap golfers demand at address while the design has moved the centre of gravity towards the front of the clubhead to offer increased workability off the tee.

Features and Benefits of the TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep TP driver:

?Compact look at address with forward CG location results in increased workability.
?Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology? offers a choice of 448 launch condition combinations.
?Clubhead height equal to R&A limit – 2.76” and 460cc head with ultra-deep clubface - 2.55” - preferred by strong swingers for its low-spin capability.
?New Aldila R.I.P. shaft with improved tip-stiff design promotes mid launch angle.

The TaylorMade SuperDeep Driver
features a 460cc head with an ultra-deep face and is designed to be a pure player's driver. It includes both Flight Control Technology (FCT) and Movable Weight Technology (MWT) with two movable weights, allows for up to an astonishing 448 combinations of ball flight. Its more forward center of gravity and lower MOI increase its shot-shaping capability.

R9 SuperDeep tp driver is intended for those players that continue to fight against a high launch and a high rate of spin on their tee shots. Regardless of what loft and customized shaft they have tried to correct for this problem, this type of player realizes that the head design and CG location of the r9 superdeep tp(http://www.cheapgolfcenter.com/Discount-TaylorMade-R9-SuperDeep-TP-Driver-972.html) is what is needed. The face depth of the SuperDeep is at the USGA legal limit. This unique design feature along with a more forward positioned CG location allows for even the highest swing speed players to bring down their launch conditions. The additional weights that are offered with the SuperDeep also cater to the technician type of player who will utilize these weights to fine tune both trajectory and swingweight.

So far in our initial test hits, it’s been very positive. Having hit about 20 balls with this beast, I can tell you that in stock form it is an anti-hook machine! The stock weights are set at 16g in the toe and 1g in the heel, creating a very fade biased setup. It hits low spinning bombs, but curiously not many on tour have put it in their bags, favoring the Burner SuperFast TP cheap golf center. Stay tuned!

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TaylorMade R9 driver suit players with fast swing speeds
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