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 How to Dye Canvas Shoes by Yourself

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PostSubject: How to Dye Canvas Shoes by Yourself   Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:26 pm

As we all know, canvas shoes are comfortable footwear. But it is not easy for us to find a proper color we want. Then what shall we do? You can dye the canvas shoes by yourself or do hand paint canvas shoes. The latter is much more complicated. Iíd like to share the former way, to day it. Here is the steps, just follow them!
First of all, collect the tools and materials. All the things you need are a large basin or bucket, liquid fabric dye, some salt and a pair of white canvas shoes. Please take off the laces from the canvas shoes.
Then letís do it!
1. Fill basin with hot water. Add dye, and salt into hot water, following manufacturer's instructions for sink or bucket dyeing. The dye bottle says the instructions.
2. Make canvas shoes wet with hot water, and place in dye basin.
3. Stir for amount of time stated on the instructions. Rinse as directed.
4. Air-dry shoes, or place in dryer.
5. Clean basin immediately to avoid staining.
Then you can make the canvas shoes in whatever color you like. Donít you think it is easy?
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How to Dye Canvas Shoes by Yourself
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