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 Predictable and versatile R9 Driver

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PostSubject: Predictable and versatile R9 Driver   Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:51 pm

I have hit the new ping, titleist, nike, amongst many other discount golf clubs. This one takes the cake as far as distance and forgiveness. Throw in the fact that if youre having a consistent problem there is an adjustment to fix it; that puts it over the top. This club added atleast 25 yards to my drives. I keep mine on neutral but its comforting knowing there's ways to fix a problem if one develops.

TaylorMade R9 is for any golfer, novice or experienced. This Mizuno MP-63 Irons employs Flight Control Technology and Moveable Weight Control Technology, thus allowing you to adjust the perimeter weighting of the golf club to aid the loft. Face angle, lie angle and launch are at your command with this Ping G20 Driver in your hand. TaylorMade R9 provides you with the option of regular, stiff and X-stiff shafts that are lightweight and help in distance management. The Inverted Cone Technology of TaylorMade R9 provides accurate shots even when the shot is off-center. This golf club has a low Centre of Gravity, which allows the ball to reach greater distances with every swing.

Having used the Titleist 910 D3 Driver I can say that the combination of FCT and MWT makes a dramatic difference on ball flight. My tendency off the tee is to push the ball, so I took out the included wrench and set the club to a more closed position. My next hit and all that followed went straight down my target line, but had a slight fade at the end. This is my preferred ball flight, but when I moved the heaviest weight to the heel of the club, all of my shots straighted out.

The R9 is a very predictable driver that can be customized to individual swings according to http://www.discountovergolf.com/Mizuno-MP-69-Irons-UK_328.html. If a person has trouble closing the face an impact resulting in a push or a slice, then the face angle as well as the center of gravity can be adjusted to correct for swing flaws. The head felt good, sounded good, and looked good. I was extremely pleased with how the Callaway X-22 Irons performed on our TrackMan launch monitor, and it met or exceeded all of my expectations.
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Predictable and versatile R9 Driver
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