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 How to improve your game from every shot

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PostSubject: How to improve your game from every shot   Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:13 pm

Golfers who are trying really hard to improve their games with Ping i20 Irons do a lot of practicing. If they want to work on their putting they go to the practice green and hit putts until their backs are sore. If they want to work on their short game they take a bag of balls to the practice green and hit chip shots and pitch shots. When a golfer hits the range they want to work on their full swings and they will pound away at buckets of balls with their Titlist 910 D2 Driver. This is the way most golfers think they need to practice in order to get better. However, I question whether this is really doing anything to improve their games.

A lot of players do not have time to take his TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons on the practice green or on the range and thatís OK. You can still improve and do it faster than a lot of golfers who practice without a purpose. The key is to use every single shot as a learning experience. When you are out on the course, do not take any shot for granted. Every shot you hit with your Mizino MP-58 Irons, pick out a target, visualize the shot you are going to hit, and feel your swing as you execute. Hold your finish show you can easily relate the feeling of that particular swing with the flight of your ball and the results that you see.

Of course, you should also do this on the driving range by your Ping G20 Pink Driver and the practice green. Every single shot that you take in golf, use it as a learning experience and you will quickly see your game start to improve. There are many helpful tips on http://www.discountovergolf.com/TaylorMade-RocketBallz-RBZ-Irons-2012-UK_11.html that maybe help for you as well. Try putting a concentrated effort into feeling each swing you take and watching the results in detail. Quit pounding balls mindlessly, itís a waste of time.
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How to improve your game from every shot
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