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 Good quality and free shipping Dexter TV Series

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PostSubject: Good quality and free shipping Dexter TV Series   Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:11 am

dexter seasons 1-6 DVD Plot:Dexter's investigation of the Doomsday Killers leads him to Travis Marshall. Travis says that all he has done was at the request of Professor Gellar, so Dexter asks Travis to help him kill the professor, thinking he can save Travis as Brother Sam tried to save him. However, Dexter eventually discovers that Professor Gellar had been killed by Travis three years ago and now exists only in the latter's mind. Travis marks Dexter as "the Beast" and tries to kill him in one of his tableaux, the Lake of Fire, but Dexter escapes and is saved by a passing migrant boat. Finally, Travis kidnaps Dexter's son to use as a sacrifice in his final tableau, thinking that "the Beast" is dead. Dexter rescues Harrison and knocks Travis unconscious. He takes Travis back to the church where Travis carried out his earlier murders, which Dexter has set up as a kill room. As Dexter prepares to kill his victim, Debra enters the church and sees Dexter plunge a knife into Travis's chest. dexter season 6 DVD Plot:Last season's Dexter the biggest difference is most his own heart finally have the location of a person, a entered his inner world, after multiple setbacks and suffering more beat all, from the previous act alone to the common share, so the more adventurous with things to the deep crisis a child audience that heart; lies, suspicion, end, the word crisis continues, and he will be how to deal with the relationship between colleagues and family? And it seems likely exposure of the killer instinct? After the salvation of others. Their deep pain and how to release? And this season will encounter what kind of? We rub one's eyes and wait Dexter Season 6!

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Good quality and free shipping Dexter TV Series
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