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 Whrere is popular Mizuno JPX 800 Driver?

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PostSubject: Whrere is popular Mizuno JPX 800 Driver?   Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:35 pm

If you struggle from the tee box and you want to be more accurate, then you need to give the Mizuno JPX 800 Driver a try. It is built with extra heel weight to help you square the club faces at impact, which is perfect for anybody that slices or fades the golf ball for discount golf clubs.

For the Mizuno JPX 800 Driver, there are actually two different constructions as well – the JPX-800 model uses a casting process for the head, and the JPX-800 Pro is grain flow forged (like all the MP models).

With the sizeable cavity on the JPX 800 Pro and the distinctive shape, it’s a wonder that such work can still be accomplished through the forging process. “We can definitely do some things with geometry or shape-wise to get the MOI and COG that we’re looking for in the forging process,” Llewellyn explained.

“We’ll also do an additional milling step on the JPX-800 Pro where we get a little bit of an undercut in the cavity, and we also mill the face down to the minimum we need for durability. There’s a little bit of a COR boost versus a thicker-faced MP irons,” he added.When you try out the JPX800 Driver you will notice that it is also made with ultimate dynamic stability, which helps give you even more forgiveness. The Mizuno JPX 800 Driver produces a soft but solid feel at impact, with a somewhat muted but still pleasing sound.
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Whrere is popular Mizuno JPX 800 Driver?
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