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 How to Use Oral USB Camera

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PostSubject: How to Use Oral USB Camera   Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:43 pm

Many people buy oral USB camera, but they do not know how to use it, especially when they film the back teeth of the oral cavity. in order to obtain more accurate and clear image, they often make the patients sick. Here I will provide you a brief introduction.

1: when shooting in the oral cavity, you can place oral USB camera above the posterior teeth or close to the tooth.And you can put the Oral USB Camera in the lingual or buccal to focus, make the Oral USB Camera into a slightly curved line, the top of the 1/4 can be supported on the front teeth, giving the Oral USB Camera a pivot. so that the images will not be fuzzy because of unstable hand

2: Another point depends on the size of your Oral USB Camera’s probe as well as the distance of lens front. The probe is too big or too long, so when we purchase Oral USB Camera we should select the ones with small probes and small distance between front and lens.

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How to Use Oral USB Camera
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