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 Who bought the Ping G20 Driver?

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PostSubject: Who bought the Ping G20 Driver?   Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:56 pm

For many amateur golfers play the Ping G20 Driver that it is their first golf equipment to use. You should use driver to serve a ball, and good driver and skill can help you get a good yard and take the ball to the place you want it to be. So i think driver is the most important. The Ping G20 Driver is for all ability levels. The external weighting of the G20 driver helps launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy.Distance is generated with a new version of Ping's proprietary high-balance-point shaft technology, which allows the golfer to swing a heavier clubhead at the same speed with a high moment of inertia. The clubface on the 460cc head is larger, creating more forgiveness across the hitting area and the G20's head rotation is neutral, allowing the golfer to deliver the clubface straight at impact. One thing about the Ping G20 is that it is a consistent club that doesn’t hide or enhance a bad shot. The ball pretty much goes where the club face is pointing. If you leave it open a bit, which is my most common miss, you get a straight block. Keep it closed and you get a pull. Centered? Oh my does the ball go far.

Well, almost all golf club heads, with very few exceptions - if any - are made in the far east, mainly China. We believe that all Ping G20 Driver heads are made there but several of the big manufacturers just will not give a straight answer, try them! Shafts, the most important part of the club, are made by a very few companies, but normally China, Bangladesh, Japan, etc. None of the big names make their own shafts, the majority fitting True Temper shafts, sometimes branded with their own name but never manufactured by them. Now when you pick up the magazines or discount shop offers are you looking for what Ping G20 Driver suits you best or, more likely?
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Who bought the Ping G20 Driver?
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