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 Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons on Wholesale Price

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PostSubject: Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons on Wholesale Price   Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:18 pm

So far, I have been playing golf for three years, during this period, I have tried to a variety of discount golf clubs, because what I really seek for on playing golf was not merely the forgiveness, but the feel. This means I always test my clubs for the softest feel. Till now I finally find it, which is the Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons producing.

Made from 1025 carbon steel, the Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons have a slightly smaller head and less offset than the TP CB irons. Moreover, the weight screw has been placed in a carbon composite badge to dampen the impact sound and enhance feel, just like the TP CB irons. The Tour Preferred MC's shallow cavity combines forgiveness with the look and feel of a player's iron. The Precision Weighting Port guarantees consistent swingweight and optimal CG in every club.

In fact, there is not only me liking the feel of the TP MC Irons, but the Tour players. "they feel great, the weighting is perfect and the playablility is better than anything I have ever had in my bag," according to the Rory Sabbatini. Another tour player, Matt Bettencourt, also has a high praise on the TP MC irons, they do have that great forged feel with a touch of forgiveness. The shape is classic and I love the performance.

In a word, the TP MC Irons are just like what the Taylormade said that they went right up to the USGA's limitations on volume and sharpness. They perfectly satisfy me a lot, I think you guys should own them in your bags too. In addition, you can buy them from any discount golf store, then the price is not the problem.
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Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons on Wholesale Price
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