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PostSubject: RULES *READ FIRST*   Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:54 am

Just a few rules. They can be added to and updated at any time.

[1] Please do not name call other members of the board.

[2] Respect each others opinions! Just because you feel a certain way does not mean you have to try and shove it down the other persons throat.

[3] Please try and reframe from nasty names of the cast members/characters of the movie/series.

[4] Age here doesn't matter, lets remember that there are fans of all ages of this series.

[5] Enter a thread at your own risk! I will not require anyone to make a spoiler thread for anything here.

[6] PLEASE look around before you start a new thread. We will delete/merge/move things and may not leave a highlight on it.

[7] Avatars can not be more than 150x150. We will delete them without warning.

[8] Try and keep your sig sizes down. You can have 2 small sigs or 1 larger sig. For now I'm not going to put a size on things. But I do prefer a large sig to be about 500x250. If you go over a little in pixels that is fine. (This rule may change if things get too crazy)

[9] Make sure the name you pick out you like! You can not change it!

[10] If you need help, please ask an Admin or a Mod. We will be more than glad to help you.



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